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Forever Families Adoption Services, Inc.

Forever Families Adoption Services, Inc.

Our Services


Home Study Services

Forever Families Adoption Services, Inc. takes pride in providing professional, family friendly home study preparation in a timely manner.  Most home studies are completed within eight to ten weeks of receiving a completed application.  


Expedited home study services are available on a case by case basis.  Please call for eligibility and additional information. 


Post Placement & Post Adoption Services

 The newest member of your family has arrived home and now the adjustment begins.  Again, the staff of Forever Families Adoption Services is here to assist in the transition of the entire family.  We will fulfill all of the requirements of the program you have chosen, as well as maintain our connection with your family as long as you wish.  

Always learning and researching, we are here as a resource for you!   


Parental Placement Services

FFAS is licensed to offer services to families adopting privately (parental placement).  We provide a home study report, the birth mother counseling session as required by Virginia law, the court report (filed after the child’s birth), as well as additional assistance as needed throughout the adoption process.  

NOTE: While not required by Virginia law, when possible and/or agreeable, we recommend and can facilitate a joint counseling session between the birthmother/parents and the prospective adoptive parents. 

Please call or email for more information.  

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